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Ice Cream Machine
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ICE CREAM 膠囊冰淇淋 DIY Ice cream Maker
    Soft Ice Cream Machine - DIY霜淇淋機 , 膠囊冰淇淋
   Easy to make ice cream. No cleaning Needed.
   Reduce Investment
   Convenient Mobility
   Sanitary Safety
   Easy Operation
   Handy Management
   AC/110V or AC /220V is all right.

Soft Ice Cream Machine - DIY
DIY Ice cream machine
Capsule Soft Ice Cream Machine - Easy to make a ice cream
Average temperature and the pull Freezer.
Disposable Container
Fat content more then 10%
Long:40CM , Width:30CM , Height:70CM ,Weight12KG
The taste choice of ice cream is no limit.
Compact, Portable
Direct sales, without makeing ice cream and waiting time.
Store in Freezer and Sale Now
No Cleaning Needed, Individual Packaged Ingrid.

Ice cream machine
Ice cream for your easy sales

Cyberwell company was established in 2008, our main products were as below:Soft Ice cream、Technology、Facial Wash、Facial Essence and other R&D.

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